Prof.Nathan R. Houser, Ph.D. ( Indiannapolis, EE.UU.)
From: "Houser, Nathan R." <>
To: "Pablo Espinosa Vera" <>
Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2003 1:45 PM

Dear Professor Vera, I certainly do remember you and, indeed, the lunch we
had in Indianapolis. I remember this with much pleasure. I am very glad you
wrote again. I had received a similar message from you some months ago and
wanted to reply positively but my correspondence was thrown seriously out of
order when I changed computer systems. I have just returned from some
travels and can only make a brief reply to a few of the many messages I see
now on my machine, but wanted to reply to you at once to say I will send you
a letter of acceptance next week. I will say more in my letter. I hope you
are very well and that your work has prospered. With my best wishes, Nathan

Prof.Nathan R. Houser, Ph.D. ( Indiannapolis, EE.UU.)
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